Why is Natural Mineral Water Healthy?

I did some research on the question, is mineral water healthy? I soon found out that it is, but we need know ways to get natural mineral water h20 into our body.In actual fact trace minerals are very necessary. They nourish every single cell in our body for mental and physical health.

So, where are these minerals? Up until the early 1900`s this natural mineral water h20 was readily available from the soil and in our drinking water. When it rained the trace minerals washed down from the land,hills and mountains into our drinking water supply.Therefore our essential trace minerals came from our food and water. nuoc khoang Lavie binh thanh

During 1998 farming practices changed.Artificial fertilizer was introduced and although the fertilizer produced good looking food the necessary trace minerals were becoming less and less.The soil became mineral deficient. When the rain washed down from the land, hills and mountains into our water supply the natural mineral water h20 was also reduced.

These days most of us including our children and pets are walking around mineral deficient.The proof of this is in the pudding. Disease and illness is on the rise with new diseases and illnesses cropping up regularly.Mental illness is also spiraling out of control.

From this information it is very obvious that we need to search out ways to get these precious minerals into our body.Organic food is an option providing that it is certified as organic.Growing your own organic food is another option, providing that you do not get pesticide, chemicals. poisons and artificial fertilizer washed on to your garden when it rains.

Another option for mineral water healthy is your drinking water.Again it is totally contaminated with poisons, disease, chemicals and fertilizer to name a few.Added to this the government makes the decision on how to make this contaminated water fit for human consumption.

The cheapest and most popular option for the governments is to disinfect the water with chlorine.Chlorine is a poisonous substance also but it does make our water reasonably drinkable once it gets to our tap.There is usually an awful taste in the water and often a chlorinated smell.Some organisms in the water are chlorine resistant and are known to cause cancer, liver and kidney problems.

OK you say, from now on you will buy your mineral water healthy.The problem is mineral water healthy is expensive. The cost is higher than gas.Secondly there are very few regulations on bottled water.The quality could be worse than what you already have. Thirdly plastic bottles are not good for the environment and very few are recyclable. Six million plastic bottles go into America`s landfill daily.

However there is a better way and here it is.You can filter out the nasties from your water but leave in the natural trace minerals your body needs providing you know the right water filter to buy.They are not all equal and there is one particular type miles above the rest. A multi stage filter process is used leaving in nature`s trace minerals without wasting any of your water.

To sum this up yes, mineral water healthy and yes natural mineral water h20 is necessary for the health of you and your family.I hope this article has been of assistance to you.The next step is to click over to my website to find more information on this subject.

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