Searching For The Right Keynote Speaker

The role of discovering the right keynote speaker or guest speaker that meets all of your requirements can be a time-consuming task. Picking the right speaker that does not embarrass you or present an incorrect message is the #1 objective. You are searching for a professional with a customized program that will perfectly blend laughter and insightful messages to your audience. Your crowd should leave your event feeling well-informed and inspired. loa toa 30w

Here are some tips to help find the best keynote speaker for your event:

Tip #1 – Know Your Audience. It is important to know what your audience is expecting out of the function. Is this a salesperson affair where the audience is looking for fresh tips on marketing or is the crowd filled with managers looking to find out new team-building skills? Evaluate what the audience is attending the event for whether it is to discover a new skill, be inspired or for the pure sake of entertainment. This will help to determine what kind of keynote speaker might be best for your event.

Tip #2 – What Are Your Goals? It is important to discover you or your company’s goals for the event. Is this function arranged as a training program, an awards event or an annual meeting? Do you need an entertaining speaker for the very end of the conference to leave your crowd laughing as they leave your function? These are typically all questions to evaluate and decide upon prior to trying to find a keynote speaker. Not only will this help you decide on the ideal speaker but also help you express these goals to the speaker so they can satisfy your objectives during their speech.

Tip #3 – Identify What Sort Of Speaker Meets Your Needs. There are many types of speakers available for events. Here are a few speaker types to help you select the right one for your event:

The Motivational Speaker – presents their message by intertwining it within inspiring stories. These stories are often from previous personal experiences.

The Humorist – will deliver the message wrapped up with entertainment. A few of these speakers have been comedians previously and can blend their humor to fit your concept for the event.

The Celebrity Speaker – will bring people to the event due to their celebrity name. Some celebrity speakers are great and some are standard. You are purchasing their fame rather than their speaking skills. Celebrity speakers, normally, have the highest fees.

The Industry Speaker – is experienced in a particular industry and they speak only on one certain subject matter. Industry speakers are wonderful if you need a purely educational topic covered for your event. They usually are not known for their inspirational or entertainment qualities. They are there to inform the audience on a specific topic only.

The Perfect Speaker – is the speaker that you want for your event. This is the speaker that is an advocate for your goals, easy-to-work with, professional and leaves your audience looking for more. This speaker perfectly balances laughter while blending in a customized message that inspires the crowd with powerful stories. A perfect speaker will work closely with you in a genuine partnership for a truly amazing and memorable event.

Tip #4 – Shop Around. It is well worth the time for you to look for an ideal keynote speaker. Talk to peers and colleagues about tips they might have for a speaker for your function. Speak to a local speaker’s bureau or the National Speakers Association’s online directory of speakers. There are also bureaus created to find a speaker with a particular set of skills for you.

Tip #5 – Meet with Potential Speakers. If the speaker is in town, then ask to meet with them prior to your function. If they are not in town, then ask to evaluate any audio or video presentations of their work. Ask them about their experiences and attend one of their upcoming scheduled speeches so you can see a live performance.

Tip #6 – Request A Speech Outline. Once you have spoken to the speaker about your goals for the event, ask them for an outline to ensure that they incorporated the program goals. You need to make sure that the speaker has included all customized material that meets your specific program goals.

Overall, these are some great tips to keep in mind when finding the perfect keynote speaker for your next event.

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